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Literacy Kings

Podcast Masterclass (Course Only)

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Take the first step in creating your purpose-driven podcast! Since creating our "Literacy Kings" podcast in 2020, the past 2 years have been life-changing. So far we have:

• Been selected by Google to participate in their “2021 Podcast Creator Program" 

• Ranked our show in the top 5% out of 2,761,082 podcasts globally with an average consumption rate of over 80%. 

• Produced 7 Seasons. 

• Reached hundreds of listeners.

• Gained thousands of downloads. 

• And, Generated more than $10K within the first year as a side hustle. 

We've compiled our knowledge, experience, and passion into a course specifically designed for creative entrepreneurs like you. Our, "How To Create, Grow & Profit From Your Purpose Driven Podcast" course helps you go from an idea to a podcast that makes an impact and moneyBy the end of the course, you will have a podcast that amplifies your message and empowers your listeners. 



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