About Us

We promote financial literacy and entrepreneurship in a way that is culturally relevant, relatable and accessible to people from historically marginalized communities. 

Our mission is to embrace, educate and empower underserved people around the world by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to reach their full financial potential.

We’ll do this by developing programs like, How Money Works, Basic Budgeting, Investing and Entrepreneurship 101. What makes us different is we teach in a cultural context that is simple, understandable and takes into consideration the life experiences of the people we serve. 

I myself grew up in a low-income neighborhood of Houston, Tx with a 30% dropout rate and used music as a tool to turn my pain into purpose. I amassed more than 6 million streams and released two Billboard charting albums. And as cool as that sounds, it was this that showed me I knew nothing about money or business. ​​This started my financial literacy journey that led to the creation of 1st Million

Since then, we’ve taken every opportunity to impact our community. I created a financial literacy podcast that ranks in the top 5% globally and was selected by Google Podcast for their creator cohort. And, we’ve partnered with “Grow with Google” to teach digital skills, financial literacy and entrepreneurship to people in my community that have been impacted by the justice system. We have committed to reaching more than 1500 people over the next 2 years and hopefully more.

Our goal is to reach and teach a MILLION.

- Corey Paul, Founder & CEO